July 14, 2011



PR by TR has an unparalleled thirty year history of successful and sophisticated public relations campaigns. Under the steadfast direction of PR specialist Teresa Reile. We are a boutique agency that specializes in giving individualized attention to each and every client.

Our team is dedicated to helping your company achieve its goals and build awareness, recognition and marketplace visibility. From program development to project implementation, we can make it easy for you by implementing an exact technology that allows us to know in advance the desires and needs of your targeted audience which then becomes all about results and dare, we say, fun. Most of the team works behind the scene and each and every one of the team members at PR by TR are renowned for their expertise, with a combined 125 year of experience and the dedication to being results driven, you can be assured it is not about us …It is about YOU and making Your Project, Your company, Your Brand and YOU take center stage.We will make you ‘Well Known and Well Thought of’. 

“A good PR strategy is one that is laid out gradually to mold public opinion. PR doesn't happen overnight”

Without the groundwork being laid by PR, oftentimes advertising doesn’t work. PR should always come FIRST – Before Marketing and Before Advertising. PR done properly, will save the client an awful LOT of money on advertising.
Teresa Reile
Founder & CEO

What is the difference between PR and advertising?

Public relations persuades. Public relations molds.

Public Relations invites. Public Relations publicizes your good work...

Public relations tells your story.

Advertising is a direct call to action usually to BUY.

Public Relations is three feet in front of the client, paving the way.

Public Relations is like the Snowplow clearing the parking lot of the store so that the people can find their way to the store.

Marketing is like the directions TO the store and

Advertising is the opening of the DOOR to the store so people can BUY.

Therefore, PR comes first. Then Marketing, Then advertising.

Smart Advertisers work WITH PR agencies.

Advertising agencies and PR agencies are not in competition with each other.

PR paves the way to make the marketers and advertisers job easier.

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