October 24, 2017


ENGAGEMENT – getting you well known and well thought of

Press Release

Our experienced media specialists will write and distribute your story in an effective and timely manner on the right channels so your audience will see it.

Crisis Communication

PR by TR, LLC has mastered the art of crisis intervention techniques for crisis management situations and has wide experience turning negativity into positive solutions which affect your bottom line where it counts. We can turn around negative situations publicly with outstanding results.

Social Media Marketing

We help you promote and engage your brand on all social platforms. We will identify your businesses’ social media weaknesses and provide actionable feedback to strengthen your social media presence in a real way that translates to more business. 

Earned Media

When it comes to value added services, earned media has earned PR by TR, LLC an unprecedented reputation as a leader in Public Relations both in the traditional media and social media arenas.  Developing a compelling story through captivating headlines, razor sharp copy and intriguing photos has been a trademark of the earned media PR by TR has achieved for their clients. 

Corporate Communication

Have an internal or external problem that you are having a hard time identifying and thus handling?  Our communication specialists will help you.  Whether it’s big or small, we can help.

Strategic Alliance

We help our clients build successful business relationships, create joint ventures and strategic alliances with other companies or governmental institutions.