Gentle Dentistry attends Bryant and Stratton Health Expo learns college students want to be healthy

Buffalo, NY – Hygienists and staff of Gentle Dentistry of Lancaster were asked to be part of a Health and Wellness Expo hosted by Bryant and Stratton College and were pleasantly surprised about the interest the college students had with regard to their oral health.

The Expo was very well attended and several college students expressed the desire to walk on the road to better health. One of Gentle Dentistry’s licensed hygienists were on hand to answer the many questions that the students had with regard to their oral health.

Some of the questions asked were: what is the best way to brush my teeth, how often do I brush or floss, what happens if I brush too hard, which tooth brush should I be using as far as hard or soft bristles?

One of the recurring subjects that kept arising was the subject of Invisalign Clear Braces.  It was found that Invisalign is a hot item with students because these braces can be worn without others even knowing!

We were told that many people would straighten their teeth, but didn’t want to have to wear unsightly metal in their mouths.  Also, aside from the looks, the uncomfortable qualities of metal braces and the inability to clean teeth properly while wearing metal braces also steers people away from wearing them.

We were very pleased to be a par of the Bryant and Stratton Family Health and Wellness Expo, as it gave us valuable insight into what college students today care about and hopefully, we helped them as well.

Gentle Dentistry is having an Invisalign open house the week of May 7, 2012 at 5007 Transit Road, Depew.  Call 716 652 7080  today or log onto to get your FREE Invisalign Consultation. .